About the Brilla Schools Network

In July 2017, Seton Education Partners officially became the management organization for the Brilla Public Charter Schools. The Brilla Schools Network Team develops strategy and systems of support and accountability for Brilla Schools. As the Network, Seton ensures mission integration and alignment among all Brilla schools, and provides services related to instruction, data, facilities, operations, talent recruitment, human resources and employment, budgeting and financial reporting, and fundraising. By performing these functions, Seton empowers school leaders to focus primarily on setting a powerful vision for student academic achievement and character development, motivating others to follow that vision, and strategically implementing the school’s mission.

About Seton Education Partners

The Brilla Schools Network was conceived, incubated and opened by Seton Education Partners, a 501(c)3 public charity that was founded in 2009 by KIPP Foundation pioneer Scott W. Hamilton and Teach For America alumna Stephanie Saroki de Garcia. Seton Education Partners expands opportunities for parents in underserved communities to choose an academically excellent, character rich, and—for those who seek it—vibrantly Catholic education for their children. With a focus on results, Seton is committed to ensuring that children develop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to earn a college degree and pursue lives of value and integrity. To learn more about Seton Education Partners, visit www.SetonPartners.org.

The Network Team:

Luanne Zurlo

Executive Director

Kelsey Lavigne

Chief of Schools

Yeime Valle

Chief of Programs, El Camino Network

Ruby Amezquita

Director of Talent

Alexa Bonilla

Director of Enrollment

Emily Brooks

Seton Teaching Fellow Instructional Coach

Michael Carbone

Chief Academic Officer

Brett Chappell

Chief Talent Officer

Emilia Chornay

Seton Teaching Fellows Formation Manager

Shanelle County

Director of Elementary Content

Reyes Claudio

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Faas

Director of Character Initiatives - Elementary

Leo Francisco

Seton Teaching Fellows Operations Manager

Stephanie Frias

Enrollment and Outreach Manager

Isabella Gadapee

Recruitment Associate

Jen Gowers

Senior Director of Elementary Schools

Peter Katcher

Director of Fine and Applied Arts

Kayla Keller

Recruitment Associate

Mark Kreider

Seton Teaching Fellow Instructional Coach

Tess Lane

Director of Talent and Recruitment

David Morales

Senior Director of Data Management & Analytics

Christina Reyes

Network Operations Coordinator

Matt Salvatierra

Chief Financial Officer

Gisell Sierra

Director of Operations

Trevor Sorensen

Finance and Real Estate Manager

Maria Valencia

El Camino Director

Jolleen Wagner

Chief Character Initiatives Officer