The success of Brilla, as well as that of its students, depends upon its most valuable asset: its people.

A career at Brilla begins with trust, respect, and community. We recruit top talent and empower our staff to succeed. All teaching staff members engage in comprehensive and ongoing professional development, which begins during an on-boarding and professional development period prior the start of each school year. In addition to formal mentorship relationships, teachers will collaborate with one another throughout the school year.


For more information, please email the Brilla Schools Talent Team:

As a member of the Brilla team, expect to:

  • Join a collaborative and growing team, whose members embody unparalleled passion and dedication to their work
  • Thrive in a workplace that is professional, fun, and warm
  • Receive ongoing support and encouragement to become the best leader you can be
  • Form meaningful bonds with your colleagues, as well as the families and students you serve
  • Provide the children of the South Bronx with an excellent education
  • Attend many college graduations in 2029, 2030, 2031 and beyond!

Our curriculum is aligned to prepare our students for college.