Brilla builds character

Brilla Builds Character

We all want our children to be honest and caring and courageous. We want them to respect others who may be different. We want them to become responsible adults capable of making good decisions in their lives. We want them to care about their families, communities, and themselves. And we want them to flourish in whatever career they choose. 

As any parent knows, these things do not just happen automatically. Children learn how to act by observing the example of influential adults, by reflecting on their own personal experiences, and through direct instruction. That’s why character education at Brilla is not a one-class-a-week elective. It is at the heart of everything we do. 

Beginning in Kindergarten, teachers in every subject area use stories and discussions to explore virtues and encourage students to reflect on their actions and decisions. 

We also include families in every aspect of our character approach. For example, we make sure on bulletin boards and in emails that parents know the Virtue of the Week so they can explore its importance at home. 

We have designed our school schedule with many opportunities to learn about virtue and good character traits: Bird Call, Morning Meeting, Recess, daily classes in Character Studies and Social-Emotional Learning, Community Circle, Celebrations, and the wildly-popular weekly Roosting Rallies. 

Quietest Moment of the Day

At the end of each school day, our students participate in a beloved Brilla tradition

that we call “The Quietest Moment of the Day”—a 2-5 minute guided reflection that consists of an intentional set of movements. 

1. Calm Self — Allows scholars and staff to center mind and body, ideally resulting in a silent, if not quiet, classroom where all participants can focus on self. 

2. Gratitude — Encourages scholars and staff to consider individuals, moments, or opportunities they are grateful for. 

3. Daily Review — A moment to replay the day and consider the moments that are most important.

4. Personal Assessment — Centered around virtue, scholars are asked pointed questions about the way they and their peers have practiced being their best selves. 

5. Look Forward — Thinking of the time coming ahead, scholars make a commitment to be their best for the rest of the day. 

Brilla's Virtues

Our core virtues are based on the four cardinal virtues of classical antiquity. We agree with Aristotle that possessing these virtues forms the foundation for a good and happy life, and a flourishing career. Each week, every student from K-8 is instructed on a virtue. At the end of the week, the entire school comes together and celebrates classmates who have exemplified that week’s virtue at our weekly Roosting Rallies.
























Loved by parents just like you!

If you want your child to grow in virtue through a personalized, high-performing, and joyful learning environment, then Brilla Public Charter Schools is the place to be! 

We are proud to be a growing network of tuition-freeclassicalaccredited charter schools for grades K-8 in The Bronx, New York and Paterson, New Jersey. 

¡Amado por padres como tú!

Si desea que su hijo crezca en virtud a través de un ambiente de aprendizaje personalizado, de alto rendimiento y alegre, ¡entonces las Escuelas Públicas Chárter de Brilla son el lugar para estar!

Estamos orgullosos de ser una red creciente de escuelas chárter acreditadas, clásicas y gratuitas para los grados K-8 en el Bronx, Nueva York y Paterson, Nueva Jersey.

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