Charting the Academic Road to Success

The Brilla curriculum is classically-inspired, which means we teach the

best ideas of western civilization. But unlike many other schools, we’re always doing this in a way that is culturally complex. We are always looking for ways those ideas show up in other cultures, at other times, in other places. 

The building blocks of a Brilla education include: 

English and Language Arts (ELA) 


Reading and phonics






Fine and Applied Arts 

At Brilla, your child’s teachers are in constant communication with you about your child’s progress and any challenges they may face. We know that each child learns differently and we have extensive in-house resources, such as speech therapists and student counselors, to provide extra support for students and families when needed.

We also teach your child what it means to be a good person—with a separate program that cultivates character traits such as courage and kindness. Plus, we offer low-cost afterschool through our exclusive partnership with El Camino. Our students say Brilla feels like a second home where they feel seen and heard and respected.

Brilla gets results

The Brilla formula works:

  • Our students significantly outperform their district peers in New York State Assessments for ELA and Math.
  • 85% of Kindergartners proficient in math and English
  • Our 8th graders get into the best high schools in New York—

and earn millions of dollars in scholarships.

Here are a few features of the Brilla approach to education:

Blended Learning and Technology: Every classroom has 15 laptop computers which allow teachers to work with smaller groups. The digital programs are adaptive and provide targeted lessons for each student’s particular level.

Field trips: Brilla takes advantage of its location in one of the world’s greatest cities by taking learning outside the classroom. Each grade goes on regular field trips. Parents and families are always welcome to come along.

Middle School: At Brilla, the goal of Middle School is to prepare each and every scholar for advanced work that will get them into the best high schools in NYC. We have a proven track record of accomplishing this goal. In Middle School, learning is student-driven and teacher supported. We do not want our students to passively receive information, but rather to discover the information for themselves. We know that learners deepen their understanding of a topic through social interaction, dialogue, negotiation of ideas, and other collaborative activities. And this allows the teachers to monitor each student’s progress rather than focus on lecturing.  

All scholars in Eighth Grade take the NYS Regents Examinations for Algebra I and Living Environment and will soon also take World History I.

Loved by parents just like you!

If you want your child to grow in virtue through a personalized, high-performing, and joyful learning environment, then Brilla Public Charter Schools is the place to be! 

We are proud to be a growing network of tuition-freeclassicalaccredited charter schools for grades K-8 in The Bronx, New York and Paterson, New Jersey. 

¡Amado por padres como tú!

Si desea que su hijo crezca en virtud a través de un ambiente de aprendizaje personalizado, de alto rendimiento y alegre, ¡entonces las Escuelas Públicas Chárter de Brilla son el lugar para estar!

Estamos orgullosos de ser una red creciente de escuelas chárter acreditadas, clásicas y gratuitas para los grados K-8 en el Bronx, Nueva York y Paterson, Nueva Jersey.

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