In August of 2023, Brilla Paterson opened in the Paterson community of New Jersey to four Kindergarten classrooms, three first grade classrooms, and two fifth grade classrooms. The school will serve grades K-8 growing one grade each year until reaching full capacity of 675 students, Kindergarten – 8th grade, in 2026.

Brilla Paterson believes that a joyful culture, built upon positive relationships and strong character, is essential to student outcomes. With this in mind, a social emotional and character development program is intentionally woven throughout the school day and week. Students celebrate accomplishments, share news, review and set goals, and learn about Brilla’s character virtues. Throughout the day, students have opportunities, from specials classes to cross-curricular activities, to demonstrate these virtues and interact with peers in a positive, supportive environment.
Brilla Paterson uses rigorous, evidence-based curricula, and best practices from charter schools across the country that are aligned to the Common Core Standards. Through a classical approach, scholars are exposed to a range of rich content, and authentic texts, which fosters a strong, academic foundation. Brilla also utilizes a model, which allows for targeted, small group instruction in the core content areas.

Brilla Paterson is located at 24 De Grasse St, Paterson, NJ 07505

Charter Schools are:

  • Public schools.
  • Open to all students from the charter school’s district or region of residence on a space-available basis.
  • Free. They cannot charge tuition.

A charter school operates under a charter granted by the Commissioner of Education and is independent of the local school district’s board of education. It is governed by an independent board of trustees.
The state’s charter school law was passed to give parents choices for their children’s education. The law is intended to:

  • Improve student learning and achievement;
  • Increase the availability of choice to parents and students when selecting a learning environment;
  • Encourage the use of different and innovative learning methods;
  • Establish a new system of accountability for schools;
  • Make the school the unit for educational improvement; and
  • Establish new professional opportunities for teachers.

Founders of a charter school can be teaching staff members, parents with children attending schools in the district or a combination of both. Founders can also include institutions of higher education or private entities located within the state in conjunction with teaching staff members and parents. (Adapted from NJ DOE Charter School Fact Sheet)