Allow Brilla to help your child thrive in every aspect of their lives—today and far into the future.

Brilla Public Charter Schools is a network of FREE K-8 schools in Districts 7 & 10 in the Bronx. Parents love Brilla because their schools: 

  1. Outperform Neighboring Schools – Brilla ranks in the top 5 schools in math and reading proficiency compared to schools that serve similar demographics.
  2. Prepare Your Child for Top High Schools – Brilla has the connections to help graduates thrive in high school. In 2023, Brilla graduates secured over $1.4MM in scholarships and financial aid to the best high schools in the city. Brilla places scholars at top high schools such as UNIS and Groton and even has an exclusive partnership with Vertex Academy High School for a guaranteed seat at this highly competitive school.
  3. Honor Parents as “First Educators” – Brilla consistently partners with families to provide the best educational experience for students. It is just one of the reasons why an extraordinary 98% of parents are satisfied with their child’s education at Brillas Schools.
  4. Loving Teachers – Brilla’s highly qualified staff have an unyielding commitment to students and families and believe that all students deserve academic excellence and joy throughout their day. They treat each child as if they were their own and always put the child first to help them flourish in every aspect of their lives.
  5. Build a Foundation for Happiness – Brilla purposefully builds character development into every single school day and has created a curriculum unmatched by other schools. This approach helps your children develop the virtues, skills, and habits to live a happy and successful life, no matter the career they choose.

Brilla’s application for the 2024-2025 school year is now available for their network of six high-performing schools in The Bronx!

If you haven’t already, be sure to apply—it only takes 5 minutes! Just create an account or log in if you already have one. Parents who apply before the lottery deadline (April 1st) have the highest chance to earn a spot at their schools.

Have questions? Contact their bilingual enrollment team by emailing: or by calling: 929-422-0128. Already have a scholar enrolled at Brilla? Please pass this information along!The enrollment team at Brilla looks forward to getting to know you and your family. Watch this video to learn more about why parents choose Brilla.