Director of Character Initiatives - Elementary

Dan Faas joined Seton in 2020 as the Director of Character Initiatives – Elementary. Previously, Dan served as principal of St. Charles Borromeo School in Harlem where he oversaw a growth in enrollment and academic achievement over three consecutive years. In 2019, he facilitated St. Charles’ transition into the Partnership Schools’ network. Dan began his career teaching middle school English as an ACE Teaching Fellow in Mobile, Alabama, and later taught high school English in Santiago, Chile. He then worked as the admissions coordinator for the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program at the University of Notre Dame, leading the program’s efforts to recruit and grow a cohort of diverse and dynamic Catholic school leaders across the country. He then moved to New York City to serve as the Curriculum and Staff Development Associate for the Archdiocese of New York before serving as principal. Dan grew up near Ann Arbor, Michigan and is a proud midwesterner. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Michigan State University, a Master of Education degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Harlem with his dog Oberon.

“Don’t let anybody, anybody convince you this is the way the world is and therefore must be. It must be the way it ought to be.”

- Toni Morrison
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