Preparing Brilla Scholars for High School

Since launching Brilla Schools, one of our top priorities has been ensuring that our scholars are prepared for high school, college, and beyond. We prep them academically so they are ready for the rigor of high school courses, and our High School Placement team works with students to achieve their high school admission goals.

Academic Preparedness

This year, our Brilla College Prep 8th graders proved their high school readiness in a big way. 74% of our 8th graders passed the Living Environment Regents Exam in our first year of implementing it at Brilla. 91% of our Algebra cohort passed the Algebra 1 Regents Exam.

Passing Regents Exams is required by the state of New York to earn a diploma…for high school. It is not common for middle school students to even attempt to take it. Getting a head start on this exam will increase access for our eighth graders, as they can take advanced classes, including multiple AP courses, in high school.

A 74% pass rate means that Brilla’s 8th graders outperformed the high school District average and outperformed several high schools in the area.

Here are some comparative data to put these results in context:

  • Brilla Grade 8 2023 Average: 74% Passing
  • NYS State 2022 Average (including high school): 74% Passing
  • NYC District 7 Grade 8 2022 Average: 28% Passing
  • NYC District 7 2022 Average (including high school): 45% Passing
  • KIPP NYC High School 2022 Average: 69% Passing
  • University Prep High School 2022 Average: 60% Passing

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High School Placement

Brilla’s High School Placement team helps students discover high schools that fit their goals. Our experience in placing hundreds of 8th-grade grads means that there is no limit to the options open to our students. We help open doors they might not have known were available. Our team helps students prepare for admission exams, choose the right high school, and earn scholarships.

Many families rely on a strong high school placement to set their children up for good college opportunities and, eventually, successful careers. Overwhelmingly, Brilla scholars attend schools that do a great job of preparing students for college. Our 2023 8th-grade graduates will attend high schools with an average 88% college placement rate. No matter the high school, we know that with a Brilla foundation, our graduates will be well-prepared for college admission and life beyond.

With great schools can come tuition costs, and the majority of our families are eligible for financial aid. We never want students to be held back from their potential because of finances. That’s why our High School Placement team has helped Brilla grads apply for and earn millions of dollars in tuition support. This year, the 8th-grade class received $1.4 Million in scholarships and financial aid. These scholarships are critical for our students and couldn’t be more well-deserved.

The work that our students and staff put into high school placements each year is incredible, and the impressive high school placements reflect the hard work and effort of our Brilla Cardinals. 

Some noteworthy high school acceptances in 2023 include:

  • Private: UNIS, Groton, Regis, Fordham Prep
  • Specialized: Brooklyn Technical, Stuyvesant, Bronx Science
  • Public: Baruch, Columbia Secondary School, Manhattan Center for Science & Math, Vertex
  • Arts: Celia Cruz Music, Frank Sinatra, Gramercy Arts, Fordham Arts
  • Catholic: Fordham Prep, Notre Dame, Cristo Rey, St Jean Baptiste, All Hallows, Cardinal Hayes, Cathedral, St. Raymond’s, Academy of Mt. St. Ursula, Mt. St. Michael’s, Cardinal Spellman

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