Darianella Baret joined the Brilla team as an Assistant Principal in 2023. She is an immigrant, born in Panama, and moved to the Bronx at the age of 12. She graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and a Minor in Middle & High School Education. She pursued a Master’s in Elementary Education and recently finished her second Master’s in Educational Leadership at Liberty University. Darianella began teaching in the Bronx in 2006 as a first-grade teacher. She moved to Northern Virginia in 2009 with her husband and worked in a high-performance Charter school in Washington, D.C. She has taken on various roles in education, including team lead, coaching, mentoring, reading specialist, curriculum writer, and multilingual learner specialist. She has crafted, supported and guided teams of educators that have removed student barriers and achieved high academic success. Darianella believes every child’s fundamental right is to receive a high-quality and holistic approach to education. She is returning to her home, the Bronx, to give back to the community that shaped her into the driven leader she is today. Darianella is married and has four beautiful children. She loves to dance and spend time with family and friends.

“Every student can learn just not on the same day or in the same way.”

- George Evans
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