Katie Dufner joined the Brilla team as an Assistant Principal in 2021. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts in the Program of Liberal Studies and Spanish in 2011 and a Master of Education in 2013. Katie’s passion for teaching began as a child, when she made a “classroom” in her family’s apartment and taught lessons to her stuffed animals. After her sophomore year of college, she volunteered at the Rosedale Achievement Center in the South Bronx as an ELA teacher, which inspired her decade-long career as a 4th-8th Grade ELA teacher and leader in Texas, Colorado, and Washington DC. Katie is passionate about reading and helping students develop their own identities as readers. She is also an avid Notre Dame and Philadelphia sports fan!

“Whatever you value, be committed to it and let nothing distract you from this goal. The uncommitted life, like Plato’s unexamined life, is not worth living.”

- Father Hesburgh
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