Thomas O’Keefe joined the Brilla team as a teacher in 2021. He graduated from the University of Dallas in 2020 with his Bachelors of Arts in English, and in 2021 with his Masters of Arts in English from the same institution. Mr. O’Keefe began volunteering to work with middle school educational programs in high school, and continued to do so throughout college. After a rewarding experience teaching at a local school in Dallas during his graduate studies, he is delighted to have discovered Brilla in New York. Mr. O’Keefe enjoys time with friends and family, reading, conversation, writing poetry, playing basketball, and going on long runs.

“Study is the most important of all leadership skills because it teaches us to act on what we know and not on what we feel”

- - Gerard Wegemer
Contact E. Thomas O'keefe at ethomas.okeefe@brillacollegeprep.org

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