Jenny Kibrick joined the Brilla team as a Seton Teaching Fellow in 2019 serving at Brilla Veritas, and now continues as a 1st grade teacher at Brilla College Prep Elementary. She graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2018, with a degree in Biology and a concentration in Environmental Science. In the summers throughout college, Jenny taught Environmental Science to youth from underserved communities within New York City through her work with the Fresh Air Fund. This experience served as an introduction to teaching, and even more valuably, to the hearts of those she was able to teach. Jenny is currently pursuing her Masters of Teaching in Childhood Education, with a focus on Teaching Exceptional Learners. In her free time she will happily help you revive your dying houseplant, bake you pumpkin muffins or go on a run with you in Central Park.

“We do not think love will be something extraordinary, but something all-consuming.”

- Madeleine DelbrĂȘl
Contact Jenny Kibrick at jennifer.kibrick@brillacollegeprep.org

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