Gabrielle Mitchell joined Brilla in 2016 as a kindergarten teacher. Ms. Mitchell was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Pace University, whee she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Anthropology. While an undergrad at Pace, Gabrielle volunteered for Jumpstart, an early literacy program for pre-K classrooms. Through her work she developed a passion for early childhood education. Ms. Mitchell went on to receive her Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood and Special Education from Hunter College. She now serves the Brilla community as a Learning Specialist. In her free time she can be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe, planning her next travel destination or spending time with friends and family.

“The best way to measure how much you’ve grown isn’t by inches or the number of laps you can now run around the track, or even your grade point average– though those things are important, to be sure. It’s what you’ve done with your time, how you’ve chosen to spend your days, and whom you’ve touched this year. That, to me, is the greatest measure of success.”

- Wonder
Contact Gabrielle Mitchell at gabrielle.mitchell@brillacollegeprep.org

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