Brilla Public Charter Schools are anchored on the core belief that a successful school helps its student build moral character and achieve academic excellence through joy, balance, discipline, and empowerment. Because of the inherent dignity and potential of each child, all children deserve an excellent education that equips them with the necessary character and skills to excel in high school, college and beyond.

How we will do it

We will develop the whole child by implementing a classroom-based blended learning model that delivers both differentiated instruction and a well-rounded liberal arts education. Through data-driven instruction and strategic partnerships, we will prepare our students to excel in high school, college, and beyond. Students will conclude 8th grade equipped with the confidence, intellectual curiosity, analytical abilities, and habits that lead them to pose meaningful questions of themselves and of others, and also equipped with the virtues and conviction to be leaders in creating a just society.

Our greatest asset, our teachers, will achieve our mission with the resources and support to customize and coordinate adaptive computer-based and teacher-led instruction. Through a unique co-teaching and looping model, we will continue honing our craft and relentlessly focus on enhancing effective educational strategies.

We will foster a robust school culture, in which character development is uniquely integrated across all content areas. Students will develop and practice courage, sound judgment, responsibility, and self-mastery. As our name suggests, Brilla scholars will shine as beacons of hope both within and beyond our school walls.

Our Approach

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Our goal is to ensure that every student achieves.