Enrollment and Outreach Manager

Karina serves as Enrollment and Outreach Manager. Born and raised in the Bronx, she has attended school in New York City her whole life. She began her undergraduate studies at Bard High School Early College Queens (BHSEC Queens) at 15 years old, and completed her undergraduate studies at Lehman College where she earned her B.A. in sociology. Throughout her career, her positions have included: Admissions Assistant, College Assistant, Youth Minister, Operations Associate, and Admissions & Development Associate within various schools and community centers in New York City.  Her passion for youth, education, her home and God are what drive her to work. In her free time, Karina enjoys cooking, volunteering with her favorite religious order, being with family and friends, and spending time in the library as she works towards her master’s degree in theology.

“Do what you can do and pray for what you cannot yet do.”

- St. Augustine
Contact Karina Evelyn at karina.coss@brillaschools.org

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