Emilia Tanu

Seton Teaching Fellow

"God is not solitude, but perfect communion. For this reason the human person, the image of God, realizes himself or herself in love, which is a sincere gift of self." - Pope Benedict XVI

Emilia Tanu teaches first grade at Brilla College Prep. Emilia is a 2nd grade catechist for El Camino catholic faith formation program. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia by way of Stamford, CT, Emilia is eager to serve the diverse South Bronx community. She graduated from the University of Maryland-College Park with a bachelor of science in chemical and biomolecular engineering in 2017. While at UMD, Emilia was involved with researching empathetic instructional practices within engineering classrooms, STEM outreach with women in engineering, and understanding the spirituality of social media as a student leader for the Newman Center. She hopes that her students and disciples will recognize the face of Christ through their love of learning and each other.